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The growing interest in environmental protection in recent years has led to tighten regulations on the quality of effluents discharged from wastewater plants. Previously municipalities and water treatment plants were forced to rely on static lab testing and all of the time-consuming manual data processing that came with it. Many treatment plants still do daily static lab test. As a result, problems can be remaining unaware for hours or even days. With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), the ability to build predictive models with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, real-time water quality monitoring is changing how we look at wastewater process.  

Processes for wastewater plants are very complex. It requires sampling and in-situ monitoring of multiple parameters to maximize treatment and minimize cost. While dissolved oxygen is the most important parameter to monitor, pH, ORP, ammonium, solid, nitrate and orthophosphate may also be measured to optimize the process.

Yosemitech has developed instruments, sensors, and systems for water quality monitoring and sampling tests. Our full suite of water quality products can readily be integrated into any wastewater real-time monitoring, or field sampling applications