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Operation Procedure of dissolved oxygen analyzer
DATE:2021/7/12 16:52:32

Before use

Take off the protect cap: Please take off the protect cap of Optical dissolved oxygen sensor , before installation and keep them properly for future use.Meanwhile, tighten the protective cover.

Sensor Installation

1) Wiring and power supply:

• The female and male connector of sensor cable should be screwed tightly to avoid moisture incursion

• Do not use the sensor cable to pull the sensor! It is required to install sensor in a secure and stable mounting bracket.

• Make sure power supply voltage is correct before power on.

2) Sensor installation:

• It is recommended to install the sensor vertically with electrodes facing down.

• Considering water level change, the sensor should be installed 30cm belowwater level. The sensor should not be installed no more than 2m below watersurface for maintenance purpose.

• The sensor must be securely installed to avoid damage caused by water flow andother things.