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Y551-B UV254 COD Senser
DATE:2020/5/8 16:02:05

Y551-B UV254 COD Prob

Yosemite Y551 UV254 probe features highly reliable UVC LED for light absorption measurement. This proven technology provides reliable and accurate analysis of organic pollutants for  water quality monitoring at low cost and low maintenance. With rugged design, and integrated turbidity compensation, it is an excellent solution for continuous monitoring of source water, surface water, municipal and industrial wastewaters.


Modbus RS-485 output for easy system integration

Programmable auto-cleaning wiper 

No chemicals, direct UV254 spectral absorption measurement

Proven UVC LED technology, long lifetime, stable and instant measurement

Measurement of SAC、COD、TOC

Advanced turbidity compensation algorithm






Support RS-485, MODBUS protocols


COD Range

0.75 to 370mg/L equiv.KHP

COD Accuracy


<5% equiv.KHP

COD Resolution

0.01mg/L equiv.KHP

TOC Range

0.3 to 150mg/L equiv.KHP

TOC Accuracy

<5% equiv.KHP

TOC Resolution

0.1mg/L equiv.KHP

Tur Range

0-300 NTU

Tur Accuracy

<3% or 0.2NTU

Tur Resolution


Temperature Range


+5 ~ 45℃

Housing IP Rating



Maximum pressure


1 bar

User Calibration


one or two points


Power Requirements


DC 12V +/-5%,current<50mA(without wiper)


Sensor OD


50 mm

Sensor Length


214 mm

Cable Length

Cable Length

10m (default)

10m (default)