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Data Buoy
DATE:2020-5-8 16:08:14

Data Buoy 

Yosemitech Data buoy consists of a cross-linked ethylene vinyl acetate foam hull with tough coatings. A 45W solar panel is mounted on the top of the buoy to charge the battery pack inside the buoy which provides continuous power to data logger, communication module,  and sensors. Stainless steel ring provides protection and lifting rigs for quick and easy deployment. The buoy can be moored to the river or lake bottom via anchor chains. Features


Light and stable, modular design

Easy deployment 

Support many Yosemitech and third party probes

Stainless steel sensor protection guard

GPRS、3G、4G or NB-IOT available for data communication



Specs and description

Buoy body materials

PE、EVA filling 、SS-316L rings


Support multiparameter Sonde, MH4 probe, UV254 COD probe, and others

Power Supply

45W Panel,12V 54AH Battery Pack


73cm x φ80cm(  φ92cm including rings)

Wireless Communication

Support GPRS、3G、4G, or NB-IOT

Data Platform

Cloud Data Service