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Water quality monitoring station
DATE:2021/3/2 9:17:13

Real-time water quality monitoring miniature station is a highly integrated system consisting of an extraction pumping unit, a measuring water tank, electronic control and display panels, a data acquisition unit and an IOT (Internet of Things) module. It automatically realizes measurement functions such as water sample pumping, water quality measurements, local data storage, wireless communication to a cloud server, etc… It is a powerful product suitable to a variety of water quality monitoring scenarios.

Applications: surface water monitoring (rivers, lakes), underground sewage network monitoring, etc…


1. Automatic water sample fetching, with strong pumping  power for 8 meters suction lift and 24 meters discharge head, suitable to various site conditions.

2. Coarse filter avoids large particles, and makes the measurement data more stable.

3. Backwash function further cleans the filter screen, and effectively increases maintenance cycle.

4. Patented measuring water tank design has strong adaptability to withstand water pressure and eliminates overflow risks.

5. Fault alarms monitor water fetching, storage and drainage processes in real time.

6. Complete separation between water and electric systems for long term stability.

7. Power supply and signal lightning protections improve system safety.

8. 10-inch operation panel makes maintenance and sensor calibration easy.

9. Integrated 4G DTU to achieve remote data communication to IOT cloud servers. All information, including system operation conditions and sensor measurement data, can be remotely accessed by mobile devices, computers, large monitoring panels, and other terminals.

10. Highly integration, compact design, and easy installation, less than 0.3 square meters needed.

11. Multi-parameter sensors, no reagents needed.

Technical specifications



Monitoring parameters

Turbidity, ammonium, COD, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature, oil in water, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, and more

Control panel

10.1" TFT 1024×600 pixels 16.77 million true color

System power consumption

Maximum: 750W   Minimum: 35W

Power supply


Maximum suction lift


Maximum discharge head



650mm*400mm*1400mm(among which the 200mm high base)



Cabinet material

Spray-painted cold rolled steel

level of protection

Electric control unit: IP65   Water fetching unit: IP55

Water tank material

Transparent PMMA

Wireless access


cloud platform

Yosemitech IOT cloud server or other 3rd party cloud platforms