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Pole-mount monitoring station
DATE:2021/3/8 20:22:17

Our sensors can be placed in rivers or lakes where water quality needs to be monitored. The sensors are connected by a RS485 cable to a pole-mount miniature monitoring system, which is equipped with a wireless transmission module supporting various wireless networks (4G, GPRS, LoRa, Zigbee, etc.). Thus, test data can be easily transmitted to a cloud service center. Then as long as internet service is available, our customers can remotely access the test data by laptop computers, smart phones or other terminals. In additional to remotely monitoring water quality data, this pole-mount system also supports remotely system management and sensor condition diagnosis. These real-time and remote management functions are important for quick decision making and crew dispatch for on-site investigation in case of emergencies

The pole-mount miniature water quality monitoring system is mainly consist of a pole, stainless steel supporting brackets, an instrument cabinet, a solar panel and power supply module, an optional surveillance camera, etc.

The pole-mount monitoring system can connect to multiple water quality sensors such as dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, NH4, COD, temperature, turbidity, oil in water, chlorophyll, liquid level, etc.  Sensor selections will vary based on actual installation conditions.  Our recommendation, also the most popular choice by our customers, is the following 3 conventional probes:

1. Y4000 conventional five-parameter probe (dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, temperature)

2. Y560-A self-cleaning NH4 probe

3. Y551-B UV254 self-cleaning COD probe.

Features of the vertical pole miniature water quality monitoring station system:

1. Solar powered lithium battery power supply, no power grid (220 or 110 AV) needed.

2.  Low construction cost, flexible and easy installation either on shore or in river

3. Wide range of parameters, support most of Yosemitech sensors, including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, pH, ORP, NH4, UV254 COD and oil in water

4. Integrated self-cleaning wiper for long maintenance period

5. Integrated wireless module supporting GPRS, 3G, 4G or NB-IOT